Here at CrimeFictionCoach we understand that writing a novel can be a daunting process.

That’s why our coaches are experienced crime writers with over 30 years of publishing experience and a host of bestselling novels and awards nominations between them. We work with all sorts of writers from complete beginners to published authors. We can assist you in getting your stories onto the page, polished to a high standard, and ready to submit to agents and publishers.

We’ll help you to…

Realise your ideas: whether you’ve written one word or a hundred thousand, we’re here to help take your writing to the next level.

Find your process: we’ll help you to find the approach to novel writing that works best for you, not force you to follow a set method.

Succeed in your goals: we’ll give you straight-talking feedback to accelerate your development as a writer.

Whatever you’re looking for – sounding board, process and motivational coach, plot buddy, style, voice and character guidance, draft critiquing mentor, submission package preparation and lots more – we’re here for you at every stage of the process from blank page to submission-ready manuscript.

Plus, if you’re looking to be traditionally published, we can guide you through the process and advise you on how to find the best agents and editors to target for the type of book you’ve written.

Find out more about what we do by clicking HERE and meet the coaches by clicking HERE.

Not sure what you’re looking for? If you have a general query or are unsure which service and/or coach to choose, contact us at crimefictioncoach@gmail.com and we’ll do our very best to assist.