What We Do

We are creative writing coaches who specialise in crime fiction

Our coaching (or mentoring) services are in the form of one-to-one chat sessions that take place over Skype/Zoom.

Why do you need coaching?

Our aim is to help you develop your creative skills and mindset, and to smash down all those obstacles that are holding you back.

What can we help with?

Anything and everything related to crime writing! Such as…

  • Helping you find ideas
  • Helping you take an idea from something vague to something tangible
  • Helping you face the blank page
  • Helping you see where your story is going
  • Helping you work on an outline, or work on story structure
  • Helping you to develop characters, style and dialogue
  • Helping you find the time and motivation to start writing and keep writing
  • Helping you through the minefield of getting published
  • Helping you understand the publishing industry

And much, much more! But more than anything, we can help you to feel like you are not alone, but in fact, part of a large, friendly community of writers who have all been in the same place as you are right now.

What does it cost?

One session costs £70 per hour (inc. VAT). We’re happy to discuss discounts for multiple sessions, booked as blocks. Some people like to meet weekly, others fortnightly, monthly or just as and when required. Contact us to discuss your project and we can work something out!

You can send us up to 3000 words (at least 3 days before your booked session) if you’d like to talk about your work in progress, or you can send us some questions that you’d like us to go through with you during the session. But you don’t need to send us anything at all – don’t be daunted! However, it’s critical that you think about what you want from the session beforehand, so that we can help and advise you – even if the only question you can think of is…

‘How do I write a book?!” 

* * *

Other Services

If you are looking for editorial services (critique, developmental editing or copyediting and proofreading), please contact our fellow crime author and highly experienced editor Louise Voss for a quote.