Louise Voss

About Me:

Over my eighteen-year writing career, I’ve had books out via pretty much every publishing model there is, from deals with major traditional publishing houses (Transworld and Harper Collins), to digital-only (the Amazon-owned Thomas & Mercer) and self-publishing – my co-author Mark Edwards and I were the first UK indie-published authors to hit the No.1 spot on Amazon.co.uk back in 2011.

I’ve had twelve novels published in total, six solo and six co-written, a combination of psychological thrillers, police procedurals and contemporary fiction. My most recent, THE OLD YOU, was published in May 2018 by Orenda Books.

I have an MA(Dist) in Creative Writing from Kingston University and, over the years, I have also done a lot of work as a literary consultant, tutor and mentor for writers.  I’m delighted to be a coach at CrimeFictionCoach.com, as I’d love to be able to help authors deal with the same issues and problems we all face when writing crime!  I think that my years of co-writing have made me particularly adept at finding ways to collaboratively work out those knotty little problems which can drive an author mad.

I will provide a supportive and sympathetic overview of your project, and help identify next steps via clear, concise feedback and advice.  My strengths are psychological character-driven dramas (not necessarily just crime-writing, as I have plenty of experience in the contemporary fiction genre too).  If you’re writing police procedurals, I have a team of specialist advisors to call on for specific research advice to help ensure authenticity.

What people have said about me:

“Thanks so much for keeping me on the right track. It’s really appreciated – you’re an excellent editor! You’ve done such a marvellous job getting things into shape that I’d love to work with you on the full book.” – Jason Allardyce

“Louise’s editing skills were amazingly helpful. As well as spotting minor grammatical errors or inconsistencies she was great at the overview, looking at where the novel was going and how scenes might be better presented. She spotted which characters needed to be fleshed out and how tension could be boosted.” – Jennifer Knight

* * *

Contact me via crimefictioncoach@gmail.com for a preliminary chat to see if I can help with your book!